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I packed far too much for our round the world trip, just because you have a 50l backpack doesn’t mean you should fill it. I was lucky enough to dispose of some non-essential items in Bali, however my backpack could be lighter.

Our fantastically located guesthouse, no 32 Bangrak House, was a 10 minute walk from a large post office on Klong Chan road in the embassy belt. If walking from Saphan Taksin BTS station, it is on the same side of the road as McDonalds and Robinson shopping centre, continue walking 10 mins. It is a very large grey/white building with a car park in front called Klong Post Office. It’s open weekdays until 5.30pm.

Klong Post Office

As well as regular postal service, there is a packing section on your right hand side of the large hall; here staff will source a card board box large enough to fit your items, pack and seal securely. There is a variety of sizes and the price of the box is 9-80 THB, packing costs an additional 8 THB.

Take a ticket from the number counter, our postal worker spoke excellent English. My package weighed 1.6kg and the surface mail cost to Europe was 500THB. This package ought to arrive in 2-3 months. The air postal option was 1,100 THB.

The service offered by this post office is efficient, affordable and friendly. It is a godsend if you are a first time backpacker like me and need to send home some of your purchases/excess baggage.

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  2. Hi ann marie, me and my friend leave for India in about 6 months time the vague plan is from there Nepal, Thailand, Cambodia, Bali, Oz, NZ and then to South America. Just going to kinda see which way the wind takes us for 9 months. Being a woman what are the essentials?what size bag do u recommend, do you wish would have got one on wheels? Thanks ash x (websites amazing)

  3. Hi Ash, thanks for your comments, and best wishes planning your trip! I have a 55 litre “Deuter” pack, the “sl” version is especially for women and is quite comfortable. Try different packs in store for size, 50-60 lt is big enough, I also have a small 15lt pack that I use for valuables and as carry on when flying.
    I never considered wheels, we have spent a lot of time in small islands, only accessible by boat, and where there are no roads, just sandy paths so wheels would be redundant.
    My friends removed quite an amount from my pack the night before I left, and I still had far too much stuff. Like us you will be in warm and cold countries so need to pack accordingly. You tend to wear the same things over and over, and laundry is cheap. No more than 2 pairs of shorts, you can buy light cotton harem pants which are great in more conservative countries, and for traveling at night when it’s cold. I bought 2 pairs while traveling, less than €5 each. I also have a very pretty long skirt that can be worn as a dress, bought in Chiang Mai for €6.
    Don’t bother with a white bra as it will never get really clean. I have found the cheaper bikinis available in SE Asia don’t fit more voluptuous western ladies, and bought new ones at the Roxy store which were expensive by local standards, best to bring a few with you.
    It’s quite difficult to find tampons here, and when you do they are expensive so try bring enough for when you are travelling through less developed countries.
    My sister gave me a “tangle teaser” which is amazing when getting knots from seasalt out of your hair.
    In KL and Thailand you can find pretty much anything that you need and as cheap if not cheaper than home so don’t stress, you can restock easily.
    Hope this helps A x

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