• Where are you going? What’s your itinerary?

See The Route page for more details on your itinerary, as well as a nice video clip.

  • How did you do with your jobs?

We believe it’s a good economy to sit out of, assuming you already have the necessary savings for your trip. We’ve both quit our jobs. Under better economic conditions we might be more worried about the incremental loss our time off would be to our earnings potential. Under the current conditions we would be unlikely to see much of an increase. Moreover, everyone is always at risk of losing their jobs to layoffs or acquisitions. There is no guarantee you would even keep your job no matter how valuable you think you are at it and personally we were both good at our jobs.

Of course we worry a bit about getting a job on our return, wherever we decide to settle, but we believe the reward is worth the risk. Some people will say it’s crazy, some people will say it’s brave. We can tell you it’s not going to be boring. 

  • How long will you be travelling for?

We’ve originally budgeted for an eight months trip but since we travel with a “no plan is the plan” philosophy, it might be less… or more

  • How can you afford such a trip? Did you win the lottery?

See this page for more details about our budget.

  • Why did you start your own travel blog?

We love travelling. We want to share our memories with people as well as leaving a trace for the future, maybe to tell our children.

  • What will you be carrying with you?

We won’t be going through which types of clothes, etc.. we’ll be bringing with us but rather the equipment in order to capture pictures & videos and being able to edit it while on the road:

  • Nikon D90 DSLR Camera + 18-105 & 70-300 Nikkor lens
  • TZ-7 compact camera
  • Panasonic  Marine Case for TZ7 (for underwater photography)
  • 13.3-inch MacBook Pro
  • iPad 2
  • 500Go Western Digital portable storage
  • iPhone 4
  • 2x stereo headsets + splitter

Does it make sense to travel this way? For a lot of people the answer will obviously be no but it really depends on your travel objectives. We want to be able to connect with our friends & family but also to write & manage the blog as well as our photos/videos on the road. Sure, it can be a drawback having to carry this equipment here and there, under 35 degrees and high humidity, as well as the stress of having valuables with us, but we consider this as being totally worth it and will be taking the right measures to prevent thefts and loss scenarios to happen.

  •  What technology do you use on your blog?

The underlying technology for our website/blog is a customized version of WordPress, as well as a variety of plugins. The website is hosted at a friend’s company (www.ghalan.be)

  • What is it like to travel as a couple?

It’s been an amazing experience and we got to learn a lot from each others. Obviously we had our fair share of arguing at times but then so many great memories to keep with us forever. It can be hard to spend 24/7 with the same person, be it your best friend or your brother, but we now know each other better than ever and what we learned from each other on the way will always be useful in our everyday lives.


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